Difference Of The Interior Of A Rich Man And A Poor.

The society is where a large crowd lives. It consists of people from various colours, age, religions, ethnicities, cultures and also different statuses. This status is something man brought up against his own. In the eyes of God, we all are equal and thereby there should not be any differentiation in cast or statuses. Yet, people do group people as rich and poor.

Who is this rich and poor?

The rich.

There is no specific definition of a rich and poor. It is something brought up by man. Therefore, according to the pessimistic man, rich is someone who can afford most of the luxurious things in the society. They do not use public transportation to travel but their private vehicles. The rich spend their holidays away from the country and travels the world in planes with their families. A rich person’s house will have a big television, a garden, a patio, a pool, a pond, air conditioning Ringwood, an indoor garden and so on. There would be servants and other assistants to do their work. While the mother and father will be busy with their work their kids would be attending big schools.  

The poor.

The poor however is categorised as those who earn a low income than the general accepted level of earnings or those who have no income at all. They live mostly on the concessions and aids of the government. They are the ones who are in need. They can’t afford taking luxury weekends or holidays and at times might not have been out of their own town or city. This is a shame as the society will always clamour to earn the good name by giving the ones who already have enough and ignore those people who really suffer and are helpless. For them finding their meal per day would be a heart-breaking struggle. They are not people who live in luxurious houses or mansions with different heating and cooling Melbourne systems. Some even find it difficult to find a shelter for themselves when it rains or when it is too sunny. While the rich have various schools to go the poor kid might have to go for minor works to help and support his or her family.

How can this change?

This differentiation of our own in to two groups need to be stopped. People need to realise that we are all same. It is important that people who are able to come forward and help those in need therefore they would also gain proper education and lead a healthy life. However, this categorisation and differentiation has occurred in the minds of the people. And though this was seen mostly in the past where the rich or high class treated the people below as slaves, at present with the coming up of Human Rights and Child Rights, this situation is changed. Therefore, though it would take a while for the mind set of some to change, hopefully in the future this would change and people will get rid of seeing and estimating others according to their income or status.